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Welcome to FishPish Studios @ Britannia's Winter Warmer!

Use these vouchers in our online store between December 11th & 14th to get;

100PonyDec20 - Spend £100 in store and get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
10PonyDec20 - Spend £30 in store and get 10% off your total order
xmaspony - Buy 2, get 1 free on all Unicorn Horns and Ears (Minky collection)
this voucher expires 31st December 2020
Only one voucher per order, per person, valid ONLY for store items, not the bargain bin
10% from all sales within these dates (& "Exclusive" items beforehand) from the FishPish online store will be going towards the Conventions Charity*; Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)
See our store for all our products, including ones Exclusive to PonyCon! Alternatively, visit our links below! Please make all enquiries via DM on Discord for this event.
For all plushie enquiries please see; 
Promarker Headshot Commissions;
Digital Headshot Avatar;
Bargain Bin;
(this page is picture heavy)
As this is an online convention, I will endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours if sent via Discord (usually sooner dependant on work).
Any email enquiries will be responded to when I return home on Monday or Tuesday. 
Plushie quotes are only given via the link above, I am not providing plush quotes any other way for this event, they are limited to 10 quotes.
*10% from all sales from this website (www.fishpishstudios.co.uk) only will be given to charity. Any sales from outside this site, for example Etsy or direct via Paypal, will not be included. Shipping costs not covered by the 10%

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Quotes for Plushies are currently;

Being taken on a 1 by 1 basis

Custom Cosplay Quotes are currently;


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