Thank you for your enquiry, if you are just wanting a bit more information, please use the below form to ask your question(s).


However, if you're applying for advertising please include the following;


  • Size of advert you're interested in (A6/A5)

  • What it is you'd like to advertise (include a link if possible)

  • A link to a copy of your advert if it is ready ~ please use a reputable photo sharing site*

  • Please note your advert and what you are advertising must be safe for work/children

  • Adverts should preferably be in English or have an English translation alongside the original language of your advert

  • At present we cannot accept adverts with a 'use by' date, e.g. competitions with deadlines, vouchers with expiry dates and so on

*for example; Flickr, DeviantART, Furaffinity, Facebook, Photobucket

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