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Commissions for tails, wings, ears and horns are open all year however turnaround times vary. September to end of October (Hallowe'en) is our busiest time so if requiring an item for these months it is advised to contact us around August as any orders with a deadline are not generally accepted for Hallowe'en during these months.


Enquiries about items which are different from those shown below are welcomed either in pattern style or colours, so if you have a design in mind which is very complex or different from those shown below please message me to see if I can offer a quote.


Below are a selection of accessory styles I offer as 'standard' styles;

Large & Small Wolf/Fox Tails

A standard shape of tail available in my store, in both large and small (for kids or those wanting a more delicate tail for their costume)


The large version of this tail can be customised with varying colours on the top and bottom, stripes, bands, circles etc


The smaller version is at the moment limited to the colours of the original pattern being changed on the top and bottom (see the swap of black to white below)


Large averages around 26 inches long (belt end to base of curve)

Small averages around 16 inches long (belt end to base of curve)

Husky Loose & Tight Curl Tail



Available in one size, this tail curls up like a husky. Available in a variety of colours and can be customised with bands, stripes, spots etc

Approx 14.5 inches from belt base to edge of curl (loose)

Approx 13 inches from belt base to edge of curl (tight)

XL and Small Cat Tail



A slender tail perfect for cats. can be

customised with stripes, bands, spots etc


Due to the style of this tail, it does hold some

shape and as such can be pulled almost

straight or curled tighter as required


Articulation (with ball and socket) is also

available for a better curl, please enquire if

this option is wanted


Approx 18 inches long from belt base to edge of bottom curl (small)

Approx 36 inches long from belt base to edge of curl (XL)

Raccoon/Banded Tail



A gentle curved tail perfect for raccoon type tails 

This particular pattern is designed to allow up to 7 bands of colour to be

added. Extra stripes can also be added without altering the length of 

the tail. However this is only available via commission

Approx 27 inches long from belt base to edge of bottom curl

Small, Medium and Large Fox Tail



A specially designed tail set for fox cosplays

and fursuits. Available in small,

medium and large there is a tail to suit all

heights and needs.

Fox tails are available in;

    2 colours; a main colour and a different

                       coloured tip

    3 colours; a main colour, a band of colour

                       and a different coloured tip

Approx 12 inches long from belt base to edge of bottom curl (small)

Approx 20 inches long from belt base to edge of bottom curl (medium)

Approx 26 inches long from belt base to edge of bottom curl (large)

Unicorn Horns



Available in a wide varity of

colours and four styles;

small, medium, large and

Chrysalis -

perfect for all those wannabe


The horns range in size from 10cm (small) to 25cm (Chrysalis) and are made on black elastic with a general length to fit nearly all head sizes as standard.


Other elastic colours are available however enquiries before purchasing is highly advised as only black is kept in stock at all times.


Made from minky

Clip/Headband Ears



Made from minky & are approx 9cm

(Pony - left) to 12cm (bat - right) high


Available on headband or clips

depending on preference and are

also available in a wide range of


Flexi Wire Cat/Fox Ears



Made with wire and faux fur these ears are fully posable. They come in a range of colours and can be customised should it be required.


Approx 10.5cm high

fixed to a thin metal


Super Fluffy 'Party' Ears



Larger than the flexi ears, these large, extra fluffy

ears are great for those needing more fluff than



Colours can be customised, comes with long

pile faux fur inside and out, however short faux

furs can also be requested


Attached to a thin metal headband, ears

themselves contain no wire Approx 4 inches from

top of head to tip of ear


The images on this list are examples of style only, variations in pattern, height and shape should be expected with hand-made items

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