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For commissions and enquiries about anything listed within our portfolio, please send us a completed form via the commissions page

Please note that some commissioned pieces are not available for recreation as their design is copyright to their original owner.


Bring your character to life!

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Furry Accessories

Tails, ears, wings and things. Great for events, conventions, dressing up and more!

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Accessories & Apparel

Masks, bandanas, cushions, hats and things

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Quotes for Plushies are currently;

Being taken on a 1 by 1 basis

Custom Cosplay Quotes are currently;


Enjoy gaming, chilling, role play and dinosaurs?

Join our growing community over on Discord!

We cover MMO Survival games such as Ark, Path of Titans, Beasts of Bermuda and The Isle

Cover role play for those who with to join

We run competitions, share artwork and just chill

Visit our site for more info!


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