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Removal of Custom Cosplay Commissions

I was hoping my first blog would not be a sombre one about the removal of a service, but after much thought I have decided to close Custom Cosplay Commissions for the time being. I am currently unsure if I will open these again, the ears probably will be reopened once I have re-organised what I am doing in terms of my business going forward. I will update in the future if I decide to do this.

However at the moment and for the foreseeable future, I will not be accepting commissions on custom tails or ears.

I used to have a large studio to work from but in the past years I have had to downsize to a very small room inside my own home and it makes working on large or many orders at one time very difficult. So if I receive too many large orders (size or quantity-wise) I can only really take on one at a time and any other orders from my store need to be reduced or stopped entirely to accommodate so I don't end up working all hours of the day.

As I am currently working on a bunch of new designs and creations to expand my portfolio alongside working more hours at my contracted (second) job and working on any sewing projects that comes from FishPish, my spare time is extremely limited. I refuse to make a long wait list like some fursuit makers as I hate having people wait and a list would need to be made if I continue to only take on one custom order at a time, worked on in the little spare time I have, so instead I have opted for closure on the commissions.

I will still accept swaps on colours for the panels on tails/ears already in the store, I just won't be taking on any fully custom items that require brand new designs and patterns I don't already have available. If you have a commission you have already paid for, then I will honour your order but I do apologise to anyone else considering using this service in the future or who had been communicating with me about a potential order. I must consider my current working environment, my entire business, it's future and my own personal wellbeing when making choices on matters such as these. It was a hard decision to make, but it needed to be made.

Hopefully though, you will like the new items I am designing! Including some little accessories you can use everyday as well as at conventions. They'll be coming very soon to the store! Thanks all! Stay Awesome!

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