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Custom Pony Plushie Quote


This item is for a digital custom plushie quote, only available until the end of PonyCon Online December 13th). Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF document with a link to the commission form.


As a base estimate, a 12 inch, standing, 2 colour, simple styled pony plush in Minky with CM on both sides (e.g.Pinky Pie) is £130 plus shipping. All quotes are sent in GBP (£) only

All prices will vary greatly depending;

  • on the size of the plush

  • the amount of details (complexity)

  • extra embroidery

  • the amount of accessories

  • and so on

All deposits for this quote type will be £100, the rest to be paid before the item is shipped. All payments are taken via Paypal or BACS (UK only)



❀ You will receive a PDF document with a link to the plushie commission form

❀ If you go ahead with the commission, the £15 charged for this PDF will be taken off the final price of your plush.


Quote requests must be of pony characters

All plushies are shipped from the UK

All plushies are made from Minky only

Shipping cost will vary, and will be added onto the balance charge, close to the time of when your plush will be made to make sure the shipping cost is correct.

Please bare in mind, wait time for starting your plush could be up to 1 year




  • Price of this item is for the PDF only which contains the link to the commission form and an emailed, virtual, quote. Once the PDF is received, no refund will be given, even if you change your mind. 

  • Form will be open for 1 month only from close of PonyCon (October 12th) or until everyone has received a quote, which ever is sooner. Once closed, no more quotes will be accepted. 

  • The link must NOT be shared to those who have not bought the quote request. 

  • Both your Name and Order number are required for the form, if neither is filled, a quote will not be provided.

  • The price you have paid for the quote will be taken off the final price of the plush if you go ahead.

  • If you do not go ahead with the quote or fail to fill in the form before it is closed, the amount paid will be classed as a donation/tip.

  • All forms completed via this purchase must be completed within 1 month of purchase, and all quotes must be confirmed and a deposit paid within 3 months from when you receive your quote, to be added to the waiting list. All those who fail to pay a deposit within 3 months will be deemed as "not wanted/cancelled" and the £15 paid for the PDF will be classed as a tip/donation.

  • Price is for 1 (ONE) quote of 1 (ONE) plush only, for multiple quotes you will need to purchase again

  • Quote requests cannot be changed for another character once a quote has been provided.

  • Creation can take up to 3-4 months per plush and all plushies are completed on a first come, first served basis.

  • Only 10 pony plush commissions in total will be taken within 2021.

I, the seller, have the right to refuse any quote request without needing to give a reason. In this instance a refund will be provided.


Everyone who asks for a quote and decides to go ahead with the purchase will be added to a list and contacted at a later date. This will be within the year 2021 unless otherwise discussed. The list of commissioners will be provided via Google Docs and is on the PDF.


Your plush will be gotten to at some point, if for some reason I cannot complete your plush request after you have booked it, I will let you know and offer a refund.


Pony Plushie Quote

  • The use of any vouchers, money off or other wise, on this product is allowed. However, the voucher will only entitle the user money off the £15 base price of the quote, not the quoted item. 

    This means that, if you use a voucher to reduce the cost of this item, a reduced amount will be taken off the final cost of the quoted item. I.e., if you use a voucher to reduce this items purchase price to £10, only £10 will be taken off the final cost of the quoted item, not the original £15.


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