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Store and Custom Orders Policies

Store Policy

Shipping and Returns Policy

Our Shipping and Returns Policy can be found --> here <--

Privacy Policy

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Studio Information

All items dispatched from the United Kingdom
All items are hand made unless otherwise stated and are generally made to order, once the order is placed
FishPish is a company of one (1) based north of London in Bayford, England, UK If there are any questions regarding your order which are not covered below, please contact us --> here <--

Payment Policy

All payments are made via Paypal only All prices are in GBP (£) No offline or stand alone card payment options are currently available


Any cancellations must be made within 12 hours of ordering. If you message us after this time and any materials have been bought in especially for your order, the charge of the materials will be taken out of your refund Cancellations are not accepted once the product has been made

Product Information, CE Certification and Age Restrictions

Plushies and other products instore are hand made and most have no small pieces which are likely to fall off, but they are not CE certified and as such should not be given to children. The plushies we make are designed only as collector pieces (for ages 14+), but can handle light play and hugs All jewellery/keyrings/badges etc made by the Studio are not for young children under 16 due to small parts. Costume items are not toys. They have no removable parts except the clip in ears, with which adult supervision is highly advised. It is recommended that clip on ears only be given to children ages 14+ The bat ears conceal a thin metal spoke to help with their stability, these are not advised for children under the age of 16 Adult supervision is recommended with all costume items if the child is under the age of 14

Legal Aspects

Any contract for your purchase of goods and services from FishPish Studios is governed by the Law of England and Wales, and you agree that such contract will be subject to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the England and Wales courts.

Custom Items

Custom items information

All custom items must be paid in full before work commences. Deposits for securing a commission slot are preferred if you are pre-ordering a slot for a future commisson session, as slots tend to fill quickly and are not secured until a deposit is paid. A deposit of 50% is required to reserve a plush making slot or a custom item. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE Custom items are sent via special delivery/tracked and signed only, which is tracked for both UK and International customers. When booking a slot for a plush making season; Slots are not transferable between seasons Custom items cannot be returned once received by the buyer.
Custom items cannot be cancelled once paid in full.
If a payment plan has been agreed and you cancel part-way through, the Studio reserves the right to continue making the plush and sell via a convention or online should the plush be near completion, this applies even if the plush is of the buyer's own design.

Updates on your custom order

Updates are generally only given when the order is started, when it's due to be completed and when it is sent. In progress updates are not given unless asked for. While we understand it is exciting to receive a fully custom product, if you would like updates, please do note that this takes time away from making your product and others, so please only ask if nessecary

Additions and Alterations to Custom Orders

Additions can be made to custom orders by the buyer even after payment and as long as it is before sewing has been started. However a new invoice may need to be made if the original order has been paid and the additions incur additional charges. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding additions. If alterations are required you will need to contact us to ask if it possible to do them as they are not always possible once the item has been started.

Quotes for custom pieces

Quotes, particularly for custom items, are valid only for one month from quotation unless otherwise stated by the seller. After the month is up, the quotation price could change. We only offer quotes in GBP (£), we do not offer quotes in any other currancy There is often a waiting list for custom plushies, please contact us for current waiting times. The Studio reserves the right to refuse quoting a request without a reason needing to be given. For quote requests, please see --> here <--

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