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If you wish to commission us for plushies or cosplay accessories, then you are in the right place! We accept commissions on pretty much anything, from plushies to furry/fursuit accessories. We do not, however, accept commissions of plushies of copyrighted characters, each commission request in this instance must be of your own design or one of which you have permission to reproduce.


To make the process faster, it is advised to view our portfolio and our links below to see if our style fits your idea before you fill out our form.


If it does suit what you are after, please click --> here <-- to fill in the enquiry form.


Different designs for tails, ears and wings etc are welcomed, so if you do not see anything similar to what you'd like, please message us to see if we can offer a quote.

Prices for custom;

- Plushies generally start from £200 + shipping

- Ears generally start from £30 + shipping

- Tails generally start from £60 plus shipping

Final prices are dependant on many things including, but not limited to; details, size, fabrics used, pattern creation time, if it is a rush order and so on. All prices and quotes provided in GBP (£) only

Please see below for summery pages showing off a rough guide to what we can make;

FishPish Studios Handmade FNAF Plushies
FishPish Studios Handmade Husky Tail for Fursuits

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Quotes for Plushies are currently;

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Custom Cosplay Quotes are currently;

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