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Frequently asked questions


Do you have a contact number I can ring?

As we sell internationally, we prefer not to give out our number due to the high cost of international calls, both in making and receiving. Instead we do all communications via email. However should an urgent matter arise in regards to your order, you're welcome to contact us via Twitter or Instagram: @FishPishStudios via private message which in some cases may be a little faster than email. You will be asked to confirm your identity with regards to your order. Please note we are based in the United Kingdom, and as such run on the GMT/BST timezone. We answer emails Monday - Friday between 10am and 8pm only.

I bought a cushion cover from you, where can I get the inners?

Cushion inners can be bought from a varity of places including online and at home depo type stores. The sizes we use are;

12 by 12 inch inner

The cushion covers we sell are designed to fit the 12 by 12 inch inners, and are the ones we generally sell when at a convention. Use these for a standard fit cushion filling

14 by 14 inch inner

These cushion inners, although 2 inches wider, can still fit within the cushion covers and create a more puffed up pillow, great if wanting the use the cushion as a supporting cushion

Can you help me with this item I am making/do you do tutorials/can you give me your pattern for this item?

Generally we do not give out direct help/tutorials for items that you wish to make as we simply do not have the time to mentor/do one to one training over the internet or in person. We do, however, on some occasions do tutorials and upload them to YouTube (FishPish Media) this however is updated as and when we have time. We do take requests for tutorials but it is uploaded for the masses not directly for the person who asked for it. I.e. if someone asks for a tutorial on sewing and we decide to do one, we will do it when there is time which could be months in the future. We simply cannot push everything aside to put up a free to watch tutorial.

If we are able to help by providing links to online tutorials others have done, we will do so where we can, if not we will suggest places/sites to look at for said tutorials.

We are often asked for our patterns, both for plushies and costume accessories. These are not for sale and we will not give them out.

Where are you based?

FishPish Studios is based in Bayford, England, United Kingdom

Who are your plushies made for?

Plushies are hand made and have no small pieces which are likely to fall off, but they are not CE certified and as such should not be given to children. They are designed only as collector pieces (for ages 14+) for display purpose, but can handle light play and hugs

What are your store's policies?

Our store policies can be found here: >> Policies <<

I bought a tail from you, how do I wash it?

All our products, being hand made, are not suitable for the washing machine. Therefore it is advised to surface wash them with warm soapy water and making sure to rinse them well. Really dirty items could be soaked in the bath. The tail products can withstand some squeezing to help clear dirty water from inside and allow faster drying. Just be careful not to squeeze too hard as this can mis-shape them. Leave the tails in a warm, dry place for a week or more to get them dry throughout. Brush with a slicker brush (unused pet brush) to make the faux fur fluffy again. The soap that can be used is any washing detergent which can be used for hand washing.


How long will it take for my item to arrive?

Dispatch varies depending on the item you have purchased and as such an estimated dispatch time will be given when you order, but once sent items can take;

In the UK - about 3 working days

Internationally (Every country BUT the UK) - usually around 5-14 working days

(Working days being Mon-Fri)

These dates are estimates, and depend entirely on the shipping companies process.

I think my item is lost in the post, what do I do?

If you believe your item is lost, you must contact us via the email address provided on your order, or through the store you bought from. If the item was sent tracked, please provide your tracking number in your email. Please note, if the item was sent via standard Airmail or First class post then the item is not tracked and we cannot do anything until after the cut off dates below. As for tracked mail, we can only give the same information available online.

Items are classed as lost when;

20 working days have past for UK orders

25 working days have past for international orders

Do you have any guaranteed/faster shipping services?

For UK based orders most of our items priced £30 and above are sent via Special Delivery. This service is a guaranteed next working day arrival by 1pm (after dispatch). We can also offer guaranteed arrival by 9am next working day or guaranteed Saturday delivery however these must be requested before the order is placed as their prices vary considerably. For lower priced items, we offer First Class Recorded and Special Delivery (1pm) as optional upgrades at checkout for UK deliveries. --------------------------------------------- International orders for most items are sent via a Tracked/Signed service. This service is the best service we can offer, but is not a guaranteed by a date delivery service. This means it's estimate arrival is 5-14 working days (Mon-Fri only) but can on occasion take longer (up to 25 working days) if there are delays in customs or at any of the depos the items are checked into. Currently there are no 'guaranteed by a set date' services for international deliveries. Please bare this in mind when ordering, as we do not offer returns/refunds for items which have arrived outside their arrival estimate to international destinations.

I have an issue with the delivery of my item, what do I do?

Any issues with delivery must be taken up with your local postal services. We, as a company, are only in charge of making and dispatching your item. Once it is passed to the delivery company it is up to them to get it to you. We have no jurisdiction over what the delivery company employees do, as they are not part of our company We cannot help with issues such as; - Items marked as delivered but you don't have it - Items being sent back to sender due to not being collected/wrong address* - Items being incorrectly marked as 'Pay on delivery' - Cards being left to notify of attempted delivery but they didn't actually knock - Parcels being left on doorsteps/out in the open - Items getting stuck in customs for any length of time All of the above and any other issues with the actual delivery of your item must be taken up with your local postal services. *If your item is shipped back to us due to the wrong address being given or not being collected you will need to pay for the additional shipping to ship it back out.

My shipping address is incorrect on my order, can you change it?

If the item has not been dispatched yet then yes, we can change it for you. Please email us ASAP to ask us to change it. If the change of address encurs more postal charges then this difference must be paid before the item is sent. For example, if you purchased an item with the original shipping address being within the UK but you recenty moved abroad and wish for the item to be sent there, then the shipping cost will be different. Please be prepared to provide proof of purchase. If proof of purchase cannot be determined, the order may be cancelled for you to order again. This is to help protect against data/order fraud. -------------------------------------------------- If the item has already been dispatched then no, we cannot change the shipping address of your item once it has been sent. Even if it is sent tracked we are unable to track the item down and have it sent back to us or change the address along it's journey. Tracking only allows for tracking where the item is, not redirection. If you have found your address to be incorrect on your order, and it has already been shipped, you will need to ring your local delivery office for advice and see if they can redirect it for you when it gets to their depo using a post redirection service. Any orders sent back to us due to incorrect addresses will need the shipping paid for again by the buyer. If, after it has been received back at our Studio, you decide you just wish to cancel the order you will receive a refund of the item only.

I need my item by a certain date, can you do that?

It depends entirely on where the item needs to be shipped to, what it is being made and how close the due date is. It is up to the buyer to allow enough time for an item to be made and arrive. We have information on all our products showing how long it may take for items to be made and estimated shipping times are available in our policies. We always try and make the items as fast as possible, but it is unreasonable to expect the Studio to automatically rush your order if you need it by a certain date simply by purchasing the item and stating you need it sooner. We therefore ask that should you need it by a date that is before our estimated arrival time, email us before buying to check our current Rush Order availability and purchase the "Rush Order" listing available in the store with your order once given the go ahead.

Social Media Interactions

I am a blogger/I would like to trade, may I have an item for exposure?

In a word, no. Trades are not accepted at all on any item sold through the store nor on custom items, and items are not sent out to free to bloggers to review.

If you are a blogger wishing to review an item for us, we politely ask that you pay for the item like everyone else unless, of course, we have approached you. Should you then publish your review or blog containing our item, we will gladly share it with our followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Dependant on your follower base we may offer you a voucher code to share with your followers which in turn could earn you a free item, more details will be discussed on enquiry.

As for trades, we at the Studio simply do not have use for any traded items

I am a model and wish to use your products for photographs, can you help with the items or sharing of the final image(s)?

We are always happy to help models who wish to use our products in their photographs where we can. However as explained in the question above, we cannot give out items for free even on a borrowing basis. We are happy to work with you to see if a fair balance can be obtained which is benificial for both parties if purchasing the items is not an option.

Of course if the model prefers to purchase the item and share the photographs with us, we will be happy to share the images on social media and online galleries (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DeviantART) and if use of the photographs is allowed on our stores as examples

I purchased an item of yours for my cosplay, where can I share images?

Images are best shared with our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FishPishStudios

Or Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: tag us with @FishPishStudios

If you do not use social media, you are welcome to send images through our >> email << with a link to your gallery and we'll post it with connections back to your site.

May I use/share one of your images of your items or artwork on... ?

We will be very happy for our images to be shared across the internet or printed in a book, essay etc. All we ask is that you source correctly and make sure a link to one of our sites listed below is attached to the image, either written on it, in the comments section or image description;

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FishPishStudios

Twitter/Instagram: Tag us with @FishPishStudios

DeviantART: http://LiChiba.DeviantART.com or tag us with @LiChiba

FishPish HUB: www.FishPishStudios.co.uk

If there are any watermarks, site addresses or logos on the image, please do not remove them, higher quality images of most items can be given, please email us for information

We would also appreciate it if a link to where the image(s) are shared would be given to us to view, however we appreciate this is not always possible


I would like to commission an item, are you taking commissions?

We are always open for enquiries, however there may be a wait for a commissioned item.

Commissions of cosplay items are welcome all year except September and October

Commissions of plushies are only available at select times through the year, depending on other products currently being worked on. You will need to contact us to find out if there are any current spaces or how long the waiting list is.

We take commissions on all costume items as well as new designs and custom designed plush. Please note we do not take commissions of official/copyrighted characters or characters which do not belong to you unless written permission has been given.

If interested in a commission, please fill out the form found -- > here <--

Can you reduce the price of the item/plush I want commissioned?

In a word, No. We always try to make item/plush prices as reasonable as possible but we do also need to make a living. We unfortunatly cannot reduce the price of a item/plush if you think it's too much. We will however work with you and attempt to make your item/plush cheaper if you so wish and if it is possible to do so, by reducing details or size. For example, a plush with clothes will be significantly cheaper if bought without said clothes

Do you make quadsuits or fursuits?

We have no plan to make full fursuits of any kind

Do you take commissions of fursuit heads and paws?

We will not be taking commissions of fursuit heads, however we are currently looking into taking commissions of paws (hands and feet)

Returns and Exchanges

Do you offer a returns policy?

As all our items are hand made to order, we do not offer any sort of returns/exchange policy unless the item has arrived damaged or is significantly different from the item purchased. 'Significantly different' in this case does not cover slight differences in size, shape or colours. As everything is handmade, some differences in size, shape and style should be expected. Computer and phone screens can show colours slightly differently than what is seen in true life. Please see our store policies for more information

My item is damaged or is significantly different from what is listed, can I return/exchange it?

If you believe your item to be significantly different from what is listed or it has arrived broken, you must email us within 7 days of receipt with photographic proof of the error or damage. Damage reports also need proof of the shipping packaging, particularly of any damage so we can open a claim with the shipping company We cannot offer compensation, refunds or exchanges if there is no photographic proof of the errors or damage.

I wish to exchange an item, can I do so?

As explained in our policies we do not offer an exhange service. However we are happy to discuss any issues you may have. Please send us an email for more information

My item arrived after I needed it. As such I want to return it, can I do so?

As explained in the above policies, we do not offer returns/exchanges, especially on items which have arrived 'late', unless it is shipped via Special Delivery. Aside from "Special Delivery", which is available in the UK only, none of the shipping options offered are guranteed, meaning they are not guranteed to arrive by a specific date. The only thing we, as a Studio, can gurantee, is when the item will be dispatched. It is up to the buyer to allow enough time for the item(s) to be made and shipped. If you are unsure about how much time you need, feel free to contact us stating your location, item you would like to buy and when you are needing it by.

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